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Instantaneous jump type circular calendar display system is a kind of in order to overcome slow climb type consumption of time is too long (generally for two to three hours to replace the calendar time), and the design of the fast replacement calendar time (generally for a few seconds) calendar conversion structure. In the slow during the evolution of the climbing mechanism and instantaneous jump, also known as a quick paddle circular calendar institutional transition. Quick paddle institution can shorten the calendar conversion time to dozens of minutes, and further the instantaneous jump type is to shorten the time in seconds, illustrates the technological progress is very rapid. Say to the instantaneous jump ring calendar, ETA is one of the most authoritative, it launched a reliable and stable version. And I'd like to rolex replica, for example, to introduce the classic TAB brand in circular calendar technology breakthroughs.
Rolex developed as early as 1945, the first by the calendar window display calendar wristwatch. Launched in 1960 Cal. 1960 machine is equipped with the latest research and development on calendar instantaneous jump structure at 12 o 'clock.
The original instantaneous jump mechanism of the outside of the lever and the CAM sliding friction to rolling friction modification, and include the calendar round 1, 2, eccentric CAM lever 3, compression spring 4 and ruby roller 5.
Eccentric CAM 2 with calendar round 1 is fixed, the calendar round 1 connection to a display gear train movement;
2. 5 set of ruby roller lever 3 tips, through compression spring force 4, work closely with eccentric CAM 2 outer edge.
3. 12 o 'clock in the evening, ruby roller along the outer edge rolling eccentric CAM 2, 5, to the highest point suddenly fell to the instantaneous calendar day.
4. The agency has the advantage of low friction coefficient of ruby with metal material of the CAM, more conducive to reducing the friction resistance and the instantaneous jump mechanism in the process of rapid change through more flexible fast.
Conclusion: swiss rolex replica in research and development technology of practicality is the idea of a priority, adhering to the principle of its technology are repeated scrutiny after a long time. The combination of theory and practice are very close together, the attitude of the people-oriented. With instantaneous jump type circular calendar institutions, its core components is CAM and lever is introduced in, has realized the original slow change calendar at a constant speed slow climb type into can change in an instant instantaneous jump type of calendar. It use the principle of the CAM and lever lever, the pressure of the auxiliary pole spring for CAM outer trajectory and is gradually raised, elastic potential energy is stored. , when the movement to a peak suddenly fell to the savings potential energy is released, the lever under the powerful force to push reset. The result is fixed as one of the CAM with Orologi Replicadate dial spring then gained strength rapidly promote calendar ring in an instant, the calendar transformation for the next day.